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Apr. 2nd, 2014

"Momma, if fireflies are spirits then why can they die?"

Gakuto turned his head to look up at his mother. His legs swung back and forth off of the park bench, still far from reaching the ground. She smiled like she always did when he asked about fireflies. It looked like she might cry, and he frowned.

"Spirits can only watch over us for a little while. Then they need to move on." She answered quietly, not sure why he had such a fixation on the little creatures.

"Oh." Gakuto folded his small hands in his lap and continued to frown. A crease appeared on his forehead, but he stayed quiet. He remembered all too vividly the sight of the small firefly dead on the bottom of a glass jar.


Gakuto was almost there. Just a couple of more passes and he would be high enough. He would get yelled at for jumping off of the swings again, but it was worth it. For a couple of seconds, he could pretend he was flying.

"Gakuto! Hurry, come here! Jirou caught a firefly!"

Suddenly he didn't care about the swings anymore. Gakuto dug his heels in, spraying sand left and right as he lost all of his momentum and stumbled toward Yuushi. "Where?" he asked, sounding furious.

"Inside! Quick!" Yuushi grabbed his hand and started running.

They were too late. When they got into the classroom the firefly was already dead. Gakuto had burst into tears. Not even Yuushi could console him.


"When they move on, where do they go?" Gakuto finally broke the silence again.

"They get reborn into little ones like you, so that they can start over."

"Really?" Gakuto's eyes lit up. "So someday, I can have wings again?"

He was so excited that he wasn't quick enough to avoid his mother's smothering hug.

"Someday," his mother replied softly. "A long, long time from now. But someday, you can have your wings again."


First cosplay actually made by me, done. Of course I cheated and bought the white shirt and a plain black jacket and just altered things... but still. I made the skirt, and the bow, and lots of pompoms. I feel all accomplished, so I'm making a post about it even though it's been forever since I made a post on here. Getting hyped up for Fanime again, woo. I have one more costume I want to make, and then I'm still working on my watch for this costume which is Clover from 999 (Or 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) which everyone needs to go play because it was an awesome game.

Pictures because I can't resist~Collapse )



Huh, it's been forever since I've posted. Just goes to show how interesting my life is. I'm going to school online... still have the same job in the floral. I don't think there's really anything new which is kinda sad. I haven't posted since my birthday. I'm gearing up for Fanime. Actually cosplaying in a costume I didn't buy off the internet. I was working on some of the accessories today, sewing a little. Totally stabbed my finger with the needle and I'm so glad the fabric is real dark. I'm excited though, I realized today how close Fanime is. And I'm happy with how this turned out.

Have a cosplay teaser. Forgive the crappy quality, my camera is my phone.Collapse ) 


First Day of Work

 So, all in all I had a pretty good first day. I worked from 2-8pm. It seemed to go on forever, but I tried to keep myself busy... even though there wasn't really much to do. There were two... interesting things that happened. One good, and one bad, so they kind of evened each other out. 

I was standing by the flower cooler and this lady comes up and asks about the lilies. I tell her they're a very fragrant flower and really pretty and all that, and she looks at me and just tells me that it's for a grave site and she says "I don't think my son will know the difference." So... I just shut up and busied myself doing things that aren't necessary. 

Then later when I took my break I sat down at the little food court area and had to ask this guy if I could sit with him 'cause it was so busy. So we got to talking and he asked about what I want to do and I got to talking about going to Japan. He told me that immersing myself in it would really help me to learn the language, 'cause it worked from him when he was a boy coming over from Mexico. He said he came over the border as a young man for the adventure, and then when he went back to Mexico years later he couldn't stay because it wasn't the same. And he spoke really good English so it wasn't like he was saying that and speaking broken English at me >> Anyway, when I got up at the end he told me that maybe I'll marry a nice Japanese guy x3 and that he would be the lucky one.

Gave me back my good mood~ Which lasted until I got to go home, and I kept smiling at people and genuinely having a good night. It was sooooooo slow though. Thanksgiving is not a big enough holiday to hire three extra people to help out... But I'm not complaining, I get hours. I work for three hours tomorrow... and then seven the next day.

And my first real day of work starts December 4th. 


I'm going back to college~

 I applied for financial aid and... actually got it. Almost the perfect amount to cover the extra costs on top of what my student loan would be. I'm kind of really nervous about taking out student loans... but if that's what it takes I'm gonna do it. And aside from the rest of the process signing papers and such, well... I'm pretty much done. It's scary to think that come December I could be taking classes. And I'll be in debt up to my eyeballs like everyone else in this country. Woohoo. 

It's also weird to think that if I had gotten up off my ass two years ago and done this I'd have six months to a year left. Now I have two and a half to three years. But at least I'm getting there. I'm gonna talk to my advisor again on Monday and figure out loans and stuff and ldskjflskjf;l AHHH weird. I'm nervous, but happy. I'm gonna go... distract myself now :|


Finally, something worth posting!

So last Thursday I was officially hired to merchandise the flowers in Costco, like I used to do. Only this time instead of working for Ryan I work for the company itself. I'm on call in case anyone calls in sick, and because I'm on call I make an extra $2 an hour *-* I also work holidays, which isn't so bad. Not a lot of hours, but it's income I don't have otherwise.

Then today I got talking about school and decided to look up University of Phoenix. I read some information, looked up their English program, and then decided to request more information. I thought they would y'know, mail me some information maybe in a week or so. I got a call not five minutes later from a representative that asked me a few questions and then transferred me to an adviser that I talked to for a half hour. He asked stuff like why I'm choosing to look up University of Phoenix over others and I told him about how crappy of a time I've had with college here. He was a super sweet guy, and made it not feel awkward like I thought it would. Just like a normal conversation. So at the end he told me to fax him an unofficial transcript and they'll see what classes I would have to take to get my degree and we'll talk numbers. 

Of course my mom is out of town and Ryan doesn't get off of work until five, so I decided to walk to Kinko's to fax the papers. It's about four and a half blocks, so it wasn't bad. It was windy outside, but I felt all accomplished so I didn't care. I got to Kinko's, had to ask how to use a fax machine because I've never used one before in my life. The girl was someone I went to high school with though so it was only slightly awkward. I faxed the papers, then realized I don't have his number to make sure it went through. So I said oh well and walked back out the door. I didn't even get to the corner before I got a phone call, it was the guy calling again to say he got the papers. So I walked back toward home and stopped at Starbucks to flirt with the cute girls and spoil myself with a cup of coffee for being so productive.

He sent the papers to the person that analyzes them but she's off for the day so he's gonna call me tomorrow. Gotta keep my phone charged. I feel very accomplished though today, so I don't feel guilty for drinking my Starbucks coffee and sitting around watching Law & Order for the rest of the day :P 


Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween everyone :D I'm gonna binge watch some horror movies and stay at home to pass out candy to little kids. Hope everyone has an amazing Halloween~

Family pumpkins this year. Mine is the bat~ 



 So, I adore Halloween~ It didn't quite hit me until today how close it was, and being in a new neighborhood this year now that I've moved across town, I'm hoping we'll get more kids. Today I got bored and bugged my mom to make cupcakes. I haven't posted my cupcake pictures 'cause it's been forever since I've posted here, but I just have to post these, they're so awesome.

So behold, Halloween cupcakes~Collapse )

New Layout~

So, after slaving away for most of the night battling against CSS, faulty Photoshop and crashing Firefox browsers, I'm overjoyed to announce that I've finally finished my new layout. I may change the picture later, I'm not sure. I kind of like sleepy!Shishido but I wanna do something with all of Hyoutei so who knows. If anyone notices things you can't click on for some reason or places where the text is unreadable um, tell me please? I'm gonna go get some sleep now~


I bring better pictures this time~

So, fuck livejournal and its auto-save drafts because I doesn't work and now I get to type this all over again -_-;

Thankfully I hadn't yet done a recap of Fanime, but... with my luck Firefox will crash again on me now that I'm about to start. So, let's do this by day, starting with

Thursday: Was a very busy day. Aside from packing and needing to get my hair dyed and trimmed it was also the day of my end of the year banquet with the tennis team. And I had the bright idea to make balloon bulldogs for each of the team members, so I had to do that too. I was up really early stressing about having to finish that and finish packing. I left the house with Carlie (rebeanelle ) a little after 11am and threw all my packed stuff for Fanime in her car (the one we were gonna take). We went back to her house and she dyed and trimmed my hair for me and got her hair dyed by her mom. We hung out for a little while and talked and got out last things together, and then Zac Khary (artfulloser ) came to pick me up and we drove back to my house. Hung out there for a little while, I think we watched some of the French Open on TV. Packed the garbage bags full of balloon bulldogs into his little car and left for the banquet at around 6pm. We got there right on time, sat and ate pizza with my team, Khary and Kristen. I gave everyone their bulldogs and they loved it, and my coach got a little balloon person with a hat and tennis racket. And I got a little box with candy and candles from one of the girls, and a huge tennis ball from coach (as did everyone else). The last part of dinner turned into a yearbook session with everyone signing each other's giant tennis ball.

Everyone with their balloons~Collapse )

After dinner (which someone never showed up to I'm looking at you Carlie) Khary and I went back to Carlie's house to meet up with Carlie and her boyfriend Steven. It was already about 8 or 8:30pm and we wanted to get up super early the next day to leave, so we actually figured out where everyone was sleeping and almost immediately went to sleep. Or at least bed, since I know I for one slept like shit. I was so anxious and sleeping in someone elses' bed so it was very hard to sleep. At most I got five hours.

Friday: Barely. We got up at 2:30am, and Carlie made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast since it was her birthday. The guys both took a shower to wake up, but Carlie and I had late the day before so as soon as we were done eating we packed the last of our things in the car and took off. It was an uneventful ride, but we listened to music the whole way and talked about what was gonna happen when we got there since neither of the guys had ever been. We got there in about three and a half hours, which was pretty good since we didn't use the GPS. I know that area so well by now you'd think I lived there. We parked at the HP Pavilion for $5 since our hotel wouldn't be available until 3pm and then walked the four-ish blocks to the convention center. When we arrived we got our badges and waited for Steven who had to go through the longer line, and then we were going to go to Hydration for lunch but it wasn't open yet so we went to McDonalds. We were gonna meet up with Ari (norcalsanjifan ) and Trisha but we ended up getting messaged by Yoshiko (yoshikochan ) so we went back to the convention and then all met up in a huge group and walked to Hydration together. I felt so out of place 'cause everyone else was cosplaying PoT but I had to wait until we got our hotel at 3pm T^T We ate lunch, and then headed back to Yoshiko's room and hung out there for a while until the others went to get the car and get checked in to our room. I went with the rest of the group to get something to eat (though I wasn't hungry, just tagging along) and waited for the rest of them to figure out the hotel before I walked back to the hotel with one of the girls and went up to our room on the 22nd floor to get changed. I was Shishido first, wore my hat and helped Khary get changed into his outfit too. Don't think I have any pictures of me as Shishido though D: After that we went back down to the con and wandered around Artist Alley before meeting back up with Ari and Trisha and kinda just hanging out for awhile before ending up back in my hotel room to fix wigs and binding and stuff before heading out to dinner. Trisha and I ended up switching and she wore my Shishido hat and I managed to get my brown contacts in and threw on my Hiyoshi wig, and we went out to a very busy burger place for dinner. At some point we also met Brandon but my brain kinda melded a lot of Friday together by now. All I remember is that at some point I bought a bunch of doujinshi off of Trisha, and then ended up walking around the swap meet and buying a bunch of stuff from Yoshiko too x3 And then we called it a night kinda early since I had been up since 2:30am.

Saturday: Got up fairly early, showered and dressed by like 11am. At some point the night before I had visited Melly's (melpants ) room too and got my Gakuto wig from her (♥ Thank you Melly~) and so I got Carlie to put the wig on but since she was so exhausted it didn't go so well >>; Still, I got it on my head and Khary and I went out for food.

Got my picture taken on the way thereCollapse )

That day we kinda wandered around a lot, walked around the Dealer's Hall and Artist Alley and hung out with a lot of cool people. Watched Trisha and Brandon do karaoke amazingly, though my ears had to bleed through a few people before that. Also met Chibi and a few others, and I did a costume change into Shishido before the PoT midnight meeting. Also while killing time before the meeting it turned into a massage fest in the hotel room, which was amusing. Then we headed out to the meetup and were slightly early anyway. Got lots of pictures taken of me, but I only have found one >> and I stole it from yablokomoloko .

Picture of the gatheringCollapse )

After we were done there we went downstairs and had a quiz thingy and made awesome paper cut-out PoT characters (I'll put up pictures of mine later) and hung out for awhile before splitting up. Went back to the karaoke room where Trisha sang again, this time by herself. Went up to the hotel room after to get stuff they had left and then called it a night.

Gonna split this into two or it will be too huge so >>; Hang in there for part two~